Ultima Online Classic Client:
Classic or Mirror

Ultima Online Enhanced Client:
Client 3d
(3D client is not fully supported at the moment)

Client Assistant – Razor:
Download Razor

Client Assistant – UO Steam
Download UO Steam

1. Download client from this page.
2. Install Ultima Online Classic Client.
3. Patch up to the current patch (run UOPatch.exe in the folder where the game is installed and let it do its magic. When a window with “Patch Complete” pops up, press “Cancel”)
4. To launch the game you can use an assistant (Razor, UO Steam or others)

After installing you can log in to the server using below details:

Port: 2593

After logging in to the server, provide your personal login and password and the account will be created automatically.

Have fun!

Additional to download:

UO AutoMap:
Download UO AutoMap

EasyUO 321 (przeznaczone dla klienta w wersji i wyższej):
Download EasyUO