1. Every player can create maximum of two accounts.

2. Sharing accounts is NOT ALLOWED. Do not give your account information to any other player for any reason.

3. Macroing is ONLY allowed when:
• You control it
• It is used for simple tasks like training your character
• You do not gain any financial benefit from it

4. Macroing is NOT allowed when it enables youto do several tasks and leads to resource gatheringeg: a sequence of running, mining, running, smelting, selling in the bank.

5. It is forbidden, prohibited, punished by death to abuse bugs. Every bug needs to be immediately reported to the admin team by page, forum, discord or e-mail.

6. Please respect others and be polite. Any name calling or harrassment is prohibited.

7. Spam in any shape or form on a forum, discord or in game chat is not welcome (euphemism for: will be penalized)

Simply put: If you play the game normally, you will be fine. If you abuse third party programs, take short cuts, use a lot of automation play styles, or abuse multiple accounts you are not abiding by our rules set here and we will take action.
Everything that’s not in the rulebook is allowed provided it does not do the server, players or the admin team disservice.