Donations help us pay for the server, develop it and advertise it. With every penny paid in, you make the server’s life longer, you make it grow and you make it more popular.
Donations are absolutely voluntary. We do not oblige or pressurize anybody to make any payments.

It’s really important to us to run the server as long as possible and enjoy playing without worrying for all the bills it’s incurring. We would love you to get to know the Ultima world stress free. We hope to gain your trust with our work too.

Not everybody is keen on donating – we do understand that. Not everybody, however, has all the time in the world and they just visit us for those rare moments of relax. We do understand that too. Some of you donate their time, others – money. All of you support and build our mutual hobby and passion.

If you’d like to support this amazing initiative use below form. Please type the amount and the name of the character that’s going to be rewarded for your generosity.

1. All donations are voluntary and are not payment for any services or goods. They are collected for the server’s upkeep and by donating you support and help develop it.
2. All in game benefits are gratuity for your generosity.
3. You can expect all the benefits up to 24hrs after the money is on our account.
4. All donations are irreversible and non-refundable.
5. All card payments are secured by the service provider.